UNIA’s declassified survival guide for SUEÑOS music festival in the vibrant city of Chicago.

By Alexsey Reyes

a crowd of people at a music festival

If you’re like us and dream about watching all your favorite Latin artist perform at once. From Yung Miko to Peso pluma and Maluma. That dream is becoming a reality this month in the beautiful city of Chicago.

Sueños is para la raza and those who want to learn more about what Latinos are all about. With a star studded lineup and new up and coming musical performances from independent bands like Luna Llena (An indie-pop band brings with dreamy sounds and heart felt lyrics that’ll make you feel like you’re floating, make sure to check them out ;)). You’re in store for good vibes and an even dreamier experience.

I’ll be my first time at Sueños, but as an active music festival go-er. Here’s a few things you should definitely have on you to make your weekend at Sueños the most enjoyable.

Walk with me here -

Comfortable Shoes. Sueños is all about dancing, exploring and meeting new people so leave the hard fancy Botas at home and wear some comfy shoes for the experience. Your feet will thank you later I promise.

Use protection!

Last year at a festival in Texas, I lost my phone while enjoying the music. So make sure you have a chain attached to your device or a fanny pack/sling bag to keep your valuables on you! You don’t want to do a festival without your phone at the end of the night TRUST ME.

Sombreros are hot —-

If you tend to burn easily or are a skin care girly. Make sure you bring your sunscreen with you! Your shades, your sombrero yk the whole head lineup. It’ll be sunny and bright out so be mindful of your skin. Manifesting a sunburn free weekend for you!

I need a shirt with Maluma’s face on jt.

If you’re a big fan of the artist coming to Sueños. You need your merch. Something to remember sueños and Chicago by. Stop by the merch tables located inside the festival that will feature a variety of artist merch for you to choose from. I would reccomend a light hoodie for the nighttime or even a shirt to wear at the set of the artist you’re planning in seeing. Now THATS cute for your Instagram story.