Review: Rising indie artist, Dylan Fraser, releases new EP, ‘2030 Revolution’

By Emily Zhang

Photos by Daisy King and Ho Hai Tran

On Aug. 26, Scottish alt-pop artist Dylan Fraser dropped his latest EP, "2030 Revolution,” via Atlantic Records. Having previously opened for Holly Humberstone and Inhaler, Fraser is ready to launch himself into the indie pop and alternative world. His EP does just that.

Each of his four tracks showcase a heartful, dark tone with lyrics expressing frustrations and an overwhelming amount of emotions. Using layers, harmonic vocals and voice distortions, Fraser takes his listeners on an emotional rollercoaster on the 14-minute EP. Lyrics reflect upon outcomes of soul searching and ambitions, particularly in his previously released single, "It Took A lot To Get To This," which was co-written by Fraser, Jonah Summerfield and Rob Milton.

The EP also features the song “Apartment Complex on the Eastside,” co-written with Samia and Jonah Summerfield during the COVID-19 pandemic on Zoom. The track opens with an upbeat sound. The tune is bright and makes you want to fashionably strut the streets with no care in the world. No wonder it's featured in Spotify's curated playlist, "Walk Like A Badass." Although its roots are pessimistic, the song also has the attitude of, "fuck it lets enjoy life," as Fraser described on Twitter.

Fraser’s sultry and mellow voice pairs well with the bright synthpop and electronic instrumental that appears throughout his EP, giving it a full ’80s feel. His previously released single, "Vampire" featuring Alaska Reid, especially gives off an ’80s vibe because of the synthesizer that’s heard throughout the track. "Vampire" discusses the good and the bad of a relationship once we reveal our true selves to our partners. "You’re only doing it because you love them and feel comfortable enough to be so vulnerable around them but sometimes we lash out at the ones we love the most and it can make you feel like idk maybe a Vampire... a monster...?" Fraser wrote on Twitter.

Fraser also recounts the feeling of despair he felt during the COVID-19 pandemic in his titular track, “2030 Revolution.” The song lingers with a feeling of abandonment with lyrics like, “Well, there's no point in getting upset, my dear, we're not gonna make it out of it.” “This song is about how we’re all just sitting around waiting for shit to hit the fan,” Fraser said during an interview for Dork. “We pretend we’re climate activists on social media, but does it really run that deep.”

“2030 Revolution” is a refreshing find that gives a hopeful look into Fraser's career. Don't be surprised to find Dylan Fraser on your next indie playlist, as it's only the beginning of his music journey.